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Lead Scoring
The i-Lead Control "Lead Scoring" system is capable of scoring leads* from all third party lead providers. This includes manufacturer's leads and dealer website generated leads. Our system is also capable of instantly scoring walk-in traffic at the dealership. Each user will have instant access to a "Predictive Score" as well as valuable "Demographic" information for each customer. Both the Predictive Score and Demographic information are available with in seconds of the lead hitting the CRM tool or email system. In the case of walk-in traffic, with in seconds of hitting "Get Score" on the walk-in information page of the website, the Predictive Score and Demographics are available.

Demographic information includes verification of phone number, email address, physical address, and even verification of first and last name. In the case of a non-match in the verification of information supplied, the tool can also provide an alternate address, phone, email, and first and last names. Also included is the Demographic information listed below:

-Estimated Income of buyer
-Estimated Income of buyer's Household
-Estimated Value of home where buyer resides
-Number of years buyer has lived at that residence
-Education Level of buyer in years
-Gender of Buyer
-Presence of children in the home
-Marital Status
-Date of Birth
-Determination whether buyer is a homeowner

Each user enrolled in our Lead Scoring program will receive the most comprehensive de-duplication system in the industry at no charge**. Our de-duplication system doesn't just de-duplicate leads. With four clicks of the mouse, a printable report is provided and used to receive credit when paying each lead provider invoice. See the description of our de-duplication system on our homepage.

Many users will save enough money using our de-duplication Service to pay for the scoring of all their leads!

Think Accountability - As the Owner or General Manager of the dealership, simply log-on and view a Score and Demographics of every customer that was in your dealership that day, last week, or even last month.

*Leads in Auto Dealer Format (.ADF)
**Some exceptions apply

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