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Lead De - Dup
So, we’ve all heard the thing about snowflakes, you know, no two are alike…

Well that’s just fine for snowflakes, they’re free, internet leads are an entirely different thing, and, unfortunately, many of them are the same – you know them as duplicate leads… you know, that unnecessary expense for your dealership or group.

The i-Lead Control system automatically monitors, analyzes for duplication, and documents the leads that you receive from all lead providers, including the manufacturers and your own website.

This gives you the power to hold the lead providers accountable by accurately displaying and printing reports containing your internet lead duplicates, with date and time stamp justification and first provider, so that you can reduce the lead provider invoice amount by the appropriate amount reported from your i-Lead Control reports menu.

All credible third party lead providers will allow you to reduce your invoice by the amount of the cost of duplicated leads, as long as you can provide justification and proper documentation…


The advantages of i-Lead Control are many.
It can take hours, days, or in some cases weeks to manually go through all of your internet leads to find the duplicates. The manpower it takes to do this could be put to much greater use – you know, like responding to internet leads and selling cars…

If you are even attempting to do this manually… how accurate are you? Are you cross-referencing against all lead providers, including the manufacturers and your own website to see if your advertising dollars are being spent on third party leads that you are already generating for yourself?

Things that make you go hmmmm…
And, of course, the obvious advantage is that you SAVE MONEY!
Let i-Lead Control take the guesswork out of the lead duplication resolution process…

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